Hey, I'm Jef.


Who me? I'm just a guy with a camera and a passion for sweet visuals.

Weirdly enough, I didn't go to photography school, instead I got a bachelor's degree in Business Sciences. Not to say that I regret it, because it got me a lot of new friendships, knowledge and individual growth. Plus it was during my studies that I discovered my love for photography and videography through self study. And I can't tell you enough how fun it's been having a creative outlet! But people frequently ask me: ''Hey Jef, you're a creative type of person, why didn't you go to visual arts/photography school instead?''


People tend to put themselves and others in certain boxes. It's not cause someone is in business school, that he/she can't be good in or enthusiastic about other things, right? Its my belief that we can be amazing at multiple things if we step a bit out of our comfort zone and try things out. Besides, I think there's a little artist in each and everyone one of us. ;)

Ok, I'll stop here with the philosophical rant. When I'm not out on photo shoots or recording video you can find me, at the gym making some 'Gainz', at home doing reruns of my favorite sitcoms (Community, HIMYM, Friends, The Office..), watching YouTube video's for fashion inspiration (I'm a sucker for stylish clothes), playing squash or tennis (I can't serve for !@#&), or drinking a cold one with friends.

I love meeting new people, so If you'd like to hang out sometime, just lemme know! 

My Approach

Portrait Photography

I love getting creative here by using different camera perspectives, props, leading lines and theme's. It's also just something fun we can discuss over a cup of coffee (or digitally with Covid and all...). Anyways here you can tell me your idea's or ask for mine. We can talk about the theme, the location, your 'good side', the outfits etc. We can just brainstorm together till we get the perfect fit for you.

Product Photography

I really enjoy looking for backgrounds with textures and complementary props which add feeling & story to your product. We can talk about your wants and needs for these pictures so I can make sure to get super sweet product shots for your branding. 


I will make up a storyboard with corresponding motions/transitions based on the type of video that you need. Handheld and Gimbal shots depending on which type of scene needs to be filmed. Let's make some magical B-roll!

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